National Association of State Approving Agencies
National Association of State Approving Agencies
Advocates for quality education and training programs for our nation's veterans.

Executive Board Members

  • Katherine Snyder
    NASAA Secretary | SAA Program Consultant
  • Michelle Nash
    Postsecondary Education Specialist - Veterans Affairs
  • Annie Walker
    NASAA President
  • Frank Myers
    NASAA Treasurer
  • Trish Gordon-McCown
    NASAA Legislative Director
  • Rebecca Ryan
    NASAA East Region Vice President
  • Melissa Triplett
    NASAA Central Region Vice President
  • Cleophus Wallace
    NASAA South Region Vice President
  • Leanna DeKing
    NASAA West Region Vice President
  • James Henley
    NASAA Public Affairs Liaison
  • Michael Criscuolo
    NASAA Past President