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NASAA President's Message, September, 2015

Greetings!  Since leaving Indianapolis and our annual meeting last month there has been much going on with NASAA.

In order to communicate these activities, we have developed a power point slide deck that will communicate to our membership the active and completed projects of each committee.  Please take the time to review this deck and provide feedback to the regional vice president, committee chair, vice chair or members.  Better yet, if you feel passionately about something, get involved in with NASAA or NASAA committee.  We need to hear from you and we need your involvement.  Our association is only as strong as our members.

Moreover, in order to provide a rhythm to our association's business, we have also adopted a 2015-2015 Executive Board and Committee Meeting Schedule.  This schedule provides for regularly scheduled committee and regional meetings, along with executive board meetings.  We have also incorporated a monthly regional vice president teleconference, where the regional vice presidents, along with the president, meet to discuss particular issues facing each region.  We held this meeting for the first time last week and it was very productive, resulting in several agenda items for the upcoming Joint Advisory Committee meeting with the VA Central Office this Friday.

Both the Executive Board power point slide deck and the 2015-2016 schedule may be found on the member side of the NASAA web site.   Specifically, after you have logged in, you will find the links to both these documents on the right side of the Minutes section.  Please remember that these documents are for NASAA members.  Please do not distribute or share these documents with non-NASAA members.     

Finally, over the next few weeks and months, NASAA has much to accomplish. Our Professional Development Committee is working tirelessly to prepare for another National Training Institute at the end of October.  If you have any staff members, who could benefit from the National Training Institute, please register them by the registration date.  Tomorrow, on Capitol Hill, our legislative team of Joe Wescott and Robert Haley, will testify in front of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee on a number of veterans' education related bills, including our proposed legislation.  The IHL/NCD Committee has met since the conference, and will meet again, to consider a number of proposals to strengthen approval criteria.  The Flight Committee is exploring options to use either recorded webinars or podcasts to provide training on flight approvals. Moreover, we have formed an ad hoc committee titled the Allocation Assessment and Communication Team that has been charged with developing and overseeing the execution of a plan that integrates and coordinates the synchronous efforts of NASAA in relation to any current proposed allocation models.  Robert Haley chairs this committee, which includes the chairs of the Legislative, Contract and Communications committees, along with four other appointed members. Lastly, I am sure I have left out the work of some committee, and for that I do apologize; but in the end, the point is clear, there is so much work to do and we need your active involvement in the business of our association.  As I wrote earlier, our association is only as strong as our members.  So reach out and get involved.

We look forward to working with you and for you over the next year. 


Dan Wellman