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President's message, April 6, 2015

Greetings on Easter Monday from sunny Carolina!  Just a quick note to update you on our efforts on your behalf as we enter the final stretch to Indianapolis and the end of my administration!  I look forward to seeing you there!

This morning, two weeks ago, I was on a plane for Capitol Hill for preparatory meetings for our testimony before the HVAC Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity.  In the afternoon, I met with Committee staff and then went over to the Senate to meet with Senator Thom Tillis's staff to encourage him to introduce a companion bill to HR 476 in the Senate. I expect that he will in May.

Tuesday, Tim Freeman, Legislative Chair, and I prepared and then rode over to the Cannon Building, where I testified in the afternoon on bills of interest to NASAA.  I must admit it was a challenging and enjoyable day.  I was on the panel with AL, VFW and IAVA and I am pleased to report that all of the VSO's support our bill.  It was great to re-engage with our friends from VA, DOL, SVA, and others as well and I flew back to Raleigh quite hopeful of passage in the House this summer.

Wednesday morning before sunup found me on a plane to Atlanta, where I was able to greet some of you in person at the South Region RPO Conference.  I spoke to the over 700 participants in attendance about the role of NASAA,  a NC breakout and at a Regional NASAA meeting called by VP Cleo Wallace, where we discussed the New Orleans conference along with legislative and contract updates.  I also met with Mr. Worley and all the CELOS about the flight school issue pending now.  I believe Chair Kathy Snyder will be sharing further information on this matter soon.

Friday, I escaped to Macon, GA to visit old friends and to attend Cherry Blossom festival.  But while there, I was able to present the NASAA Coin to the President of the local Vietnam Veterans of America chapter and to visit Rose Hill Cemetery where I placed a coin on the headstone of friend and former Mayor Buck Melton, a WWII Navy veteran who attended school on the GI Bill.

Best wishes now for the coming weeks.  I will be back in DC at month's end speaking at the American Legion Credentialing Summit and meeting with VA and Senate staffers.  I will update you further after those meetings. Till then, thank you for all you are doing for Veterans, your States and the National Association of State Approving Agencies!  Together we are making a difference!

All the best,
Joe Wescott
NASAA President