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ABA Rejects Proposal to Toughen Accreditation

Apollo Group Finalizes Sale For 1.14 Billion

Congress makes Changes to GI Bill Education Benefits

Jobs Broker for Aviation Training

Most colleges enroll students that aren't prepared for higher education

For-Profit College Industry Slips Through Cracks of Accountability

ACICS- Accredited Colleges Meet Federal Deadline

Veterans Face Uphill Fight Getting College Credit for Military Training

Is Distance Ed Rule DOA?

Bill seeks to guarantee veterans are career ready

Education Secretary Drops Recognition of Accreditor
Education Department Blocks Aide for 2 For-Profits

Court Reinstates False Claims Suit Against For-Profit College

Education dept. failing Corinthian Students

Pence Asks VA to Reinstate GI Bill For ITT Vets

DeVry Adopts Reform Favored by For-Profit Critics

Feds Create Website for Students at Closing Colleges

DeVry Restricts itself to 85% fed funding sources; including VA and DOD TA

Paine College to Sue Over Loss of Accreditation

Senate Democrats Ask Education Dept. to Discharge ITT Loans

Southern New Hampshire U to Teach-out ITT Owned Daniel Webster

For Profit Schools Lash out at Administration

Win for Ashford in Fight Over GI Bill

The End for ITT tech

Accreditation Trouble for ITT's Daniel Webster College

Last Day of Class at ITT Tech?

California Bans ITT Tech from Accepting New Students

ITT Faces Sanctions That Could Put Them Out of Business in Weeks

Increased Oversight of ITT

Education Department Sued over Non-Profit Conversion

VA Warns Students ITT may go "Out of Business"

Accreditor Questions Louisville Turmoil

More Drama for Ashford

ITT Halts Enrolling New Students

10 Trustees Quit Board of Arcadia U

Brooks Institute Announces Closure

Leader of Troubled Accrediting Agency Resigns

Feds Soften Distance Ed Rule

Feds Cut Aid Eligibility to Three Medtech College Campuses

Apollo Shareholders Sue Company to Stop Sale

Veterans at ASU Flight School Struggle for Funding

Accreditor on Life Support

Accreditor Puts Five Colleges on Probation

Final Push for SARA

FOIA Improvement Act

Ever Shrinking For-Profit

Accreditor, and Accreditation, on Trial

Brown Mackie Will Close Most of its Colleges

ITT Tech Told to Increase Letter of Credit

Final Push For State Authorization Rule

Veterans Deserve a Chance in College, Not a Free Pass

Iowa Blocks Ashford U. From G.I. Bill Benefits

EDMC Layoffs

ITT Huntington Stops Enrolling New Students

The Ignored Graduates

Watchdog Gets Slapped Down

$35 Million Fraud Allegations

White House Cracks Down on Accreditors

Massachusetts Sues ITT Tech for Misleading and Harassing Students

Veterans Legal Services Clinic Yale Law School,%204_1_2016.pdf

Corinthian Recruited Homeless Students

For-Profit Colleges Seeking Veterans' GI Bill Dollars Aren't Always The Best Fit

FTC and Education Department take action against DeVry University

 University of Phoenix

Education Department Tightens Reins on More Colleges

TAP & Employers

Le Cordon Bleu College Closure


Westwood Colleges

Settlement With For-Profit College

Brown-Mackie settlement

For profit college system to pay millions

For-Profit Settles With Illinois Attorney General for $15M

Corinthian Colleges Ordered to Pay Back Students

Veteran Debt

ITT Tech

Post-9/11 GI Bill: Additional Actions Needed to Help Reduce Overpayments and Increase Collections

V.A. Won’t Let 5 Officials Testify

Some companies "seem afraid" of hiring veterans

Relocation program for senior executives should be investigated across government

Undersecretary resigns

President Obama administration plans executive action higher education accreditation

Scrutiny ITT Tech

ITT Tech to Close Several Campuses

Federal watchdog seeks information from a national accreditor about for-profit colleges

New Federal Program Offers Students Aid for Nontraditional Education

GIBILL Funding Late

Outcomes Measures Available Online

The GI Bill Outcome Measures Tool is now available through the link below. The VA is working to get these measures onto the Comparison Tool.
GI Bill Outcome Measures Tool

News Clip/ Hickey

Bill Targets For-Profit College Executives

ITT Tech Faces Justice Department Inquiry

NASAA Testimony

Servicemembers At Failing For-Profit Schools Not Protected By Veterans Affairs

Plan to use GI Bill for business grants draws criticism
Some veterans advocates are pushing back against plans to use GI Bill benefits to pay for would-be entrepreneurs' small-business grants, arguing the move confuses the purpose of the education program.
Last month, the Senate Small Business Committee advanced a measure to create a three-year pilot program allowing 250 veterans to use their GI Bill funds as a business start-up grant, rather than for college tuition.
The concept has been floated on Capitol Hill several times since the Post-9/11 GI Bill was launched in 2009. But it has grown in popularity in recent months, and this week was included in presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s veterans reform platform.