National Association of State Approving Agencies
National Association of State Approving Agencies
Advocates for quality education and training programs for our nation's veterans.
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For the lastest VA Education Benefit Program News

7/3/18-Dream Center Ends Enrollments at 30 Campuses

6/18/18-Gainful-Employment Disclosures Delayed Again

5/4/18-Connecticut distance-learning organization plans to close after 20 years

4/18/18-U.S Agencies to Reach out to Veterans Eligible for Loan Discharge

4/16/18-Trump administration streamlining student debt forgiveness for permanently disabled veterans

4/5/18-Court Opens Door for For-Profit Accreditor's Future

4/5/18-Gen-Ed Revision Could be Gen-Ed Reduction

2/7/2017-ABA Rejects Proposal to Toughen Accreditation

Apollo Group Finalizes Sale For 1.14 Billion

Congress makes Changes to GI Bill Education Benefits

Jobs Broker for Aviation Training

Most colleges enroll students that aren't prepared for higher education

For-Profit College Industry Slips Through Cracks of Accountability

ACICS- Accredited Colleges Meet Federal Deadline