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NASAA-DVA Committee Holds First Meeting

January 23, 2015
The new NASAA-DVA Joint Advisory Committee held its first meeting January 22 to begin work under the agreement signed at NASAA’s annual meeting in Albuquerque in August.  The telephone conference was led by NASAA President Joe Wescott and Education Service Director Rob Worley, co-chairs of the JAC.

Wescott and Worley noted that the JAC was established to “continue the good work done for veterans between the leadership of our two organizations over the past three years.”  They reiterated the JAC’s “guiding principles” of continuing collaboration, compliance with statutes, mutual respect for state sovereignty and federal authorities, and integrity, forthrightness, and transparency.

The committee began substantive work immediately, discussing issues including new in-state tuition requirements enacted last year and SAAs’ roles in helping their states’ schools understand and comply with law and regulations.  The JAC also addressed more efficient ways to conduct compliance surveys and to process SAAs’ approvals.  The committee plans to meet monthly to continue its work.

Members of the JAC come from both NASAA and DVA.  NASAA members are Laura Bach (WA), Mike Criscuolo (CT), Fred Major (IN), Annie Walker (VA), Cleophus Wallace (LA), and Dan Wellman (IL).   DVA representatives are Tom Alphonso, Barrett Bogue, Janice Fisher, Linda McAllister, Ron Scoggins, and Bill Spruce.