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NAVPA Recognizes Wescott

October 30, 2015
From left, Marc Barker, NAVPA President, Joe Wescott (in hat), Keith Glindemann, NAVPA Vice President, and Jennifer Mattison, NAVPA Secretary.
NASAA Legislative Director and former President Joe Wescott (NC) received a surprise honor at a meeting of the National Association of Veterans Program Administrators (NAVPA) in Nashville earlier this month.  While he was there to address the group on the role of State Approving Agencies, NAVPA officers presented a special award to recognize Wescott's work on Capitol Hill, which has benefitted NAVPA members, the organization, and its leaders. 

Taking a cue from Wescott's wardrobe, the NAVPA Executive Board gave him a special "150th Anniversary Stetson" fedora.  "I am truly honored and quite surprised by this," Wescott said.  "Knowing my fondness for good headgear, NAVPA could not have picked a better gift to cap my years as NASAA's president.  I look forward to many more years of working hand-in-hand with NAVPA as our two organizations strive to improve the GI Bills for all veterans and their dependents."

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