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New NASAA Web Site

September 23, 2014

Version 3.0 of NASAA's webpage went "live" on September 23 as a new and improved site! The new version features improved functionality, a fresher look, and some additional fixes to make it more useful to all SAA people. Ray Baker, chair of NASAA’s Automation and Technology Committee said, "This latest edition of NASAA's website brings us even more into the 21st Century with a new look, new options, and more information. We think everyone who uses it will find it to be easy to use and very helpful."

The site's front page now includes scrolling news stories, with pictures, and links to more NASAA news. Users also will find more links to resources like House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee websites, military branch sites, program approvals, and useful tools, as well as the directories of SAA members, VA staff, and more. The NASAA list-serve has been updated with some limited "reply" functions and larger file attachment capacity. SAA quarterly reports will still be done on the website using the current process but with a cleaner look.

The new site was introduced during NASAA's Summer Meeting in Albuquerque when the Automation and Technology Committee did a presentation with live demonstrations.

The technical work to upgrade the site is being done by Omni Strategic Technologies of Charleston, West Virginia. Omni is the successor organization to Terradon, Inc., which developed and hosted NASAA’s previous website.